A runway model – Also Known As a catwalk model, walks down the stage all tailored for cameras. With a sole purpose to symbolize the talented brands artists in the crowds mind. Perfectly dolled up to impress a massive & Elite Class audience with her looks & attitude. Job qualifications? Fierce, Cute & Sharp.

Do’s and Dont’s of a model

Catwalk Model’s primary purpose is to be the camera’s focus, ergo and also to represent the crowd her best features. Looks like an easy task, right? Absolutely wrong. Catwalk Modeling is not only about having good looks, however looks are also important but are not the only requirement.

  • The desired height of catwalk models is atleast 5.9 feet also the more the merrier height scenario is preffered.
  • New Designers hire according to dress already tailored and not according to the model’s physique.
  • Perfect diet + reqular excercise is necessary, for instance, no one is ready to hire a very skinny or a very healthy body model.
  • Skin tone is chosen according to the dress and the targeted audience.

Difference between a catwalk model and fashion model

Fashion model’s requirement is to memorize her best angles, channel her inner-diva and display her photogenic side 24/7. Catwalk Model has to tackle camera and stage fright with good looks to portray the true essence of a brand.

  • Catwalk model’s major requirement is to walk in heels, but a fashion model only needs to look cute for the camera.
  • Stage fright is also a very ideal factor as a ramp walk can give weak hearted a panic attack.
  • A fashion model can get retakes for a bad image but story is not the same for a catwalk model.

In the End if you think you have what it takes to be any kind of model, make a sharp portfolio and make your way towards the agencies.




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