How many types of personal trainers are there?

A personal trainer is simply a person who is professional and definitely more experienced in fitness and exercise.

The types of personal trainers you require depend entirely on your plans and goals.

Who will be working one-on-one with their clients to guide and help them.

Their guidance will not only be in the form of exercise but also about intake, nutrition and mental health.

Personal trainers design custom workouts and monitor routine and fitness status of every client.

To summarize this, here are 6 types of personal trainers you can choose from.

  • General fitness.
  • Sports/Athletics.
  • Weight loss/increase.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Adult fitness.
  • Muscles/Mass building.

General Fitness trainers.

General fitness trainers are known as the all-rounders in the training field.

A personal fitness trainer will help you with mass, flexibility, strength and overall physical functions.

They primarily focus on each and every strength and weakness, to improve your overall physique and movement.

They will be available in fitness gyms or personal training studios, however having a NASM certified trainer is highly recommended.

General fitness trainers will design a custom workout because every client will have specific needs in their fitness.

Sports/Athletics Trainers.

The primary focus of sports/athletics trainers is to improve your performance while preventing injuries.

They work with professional athletes and sportsman due to their unique requirement.

The Clients are provided with guidance to make them agile and flexible and also keep them safe from injuries.

Their priority is not only athletes’ strength but also their weaknesses.

Athletics Trainers prevent injuries and also help in healing quicker, if injured.

Weight loss/increase Trainers.

Trainers who are professional in helping you loose weight or increase, work will clients to help them reach their dream weight.

They not only advise to work with exercises but also physiology and also advice behavior change.

Their training consists of cardio, strength training and specially high-intensity training to burn fat.

They provide a nutrition guide which consists of meals to focus on your fat with keeping you mentally calm and focused.

Their high priority is to help clients adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes, because excessive/low food or low exercise will never help you in being a winner.

Rehabilitation Trainers.

The clients of Rehabilitation trainers are injured or in terrible physical condition due to some medical condition.

A skilled Rehabilitation Trainer can help in making you fit as you were before the injury or medical condition.

Their medical knowledge expands to anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise prescription.

Rehabilitation Trainers help in recovery and also to prevent future injuries.

Adult Fitness Trainers.

Adult Fitness Trainers get clients that are typically over 50 years old and are getting weak due to their age.

At this age only the Body gym exercises will provide no benefit but will definitely be more harmful.

So these trainers with their expertise guide adults how to deal with age factors and how to stay fit.

Muscles/Mass building Trainer.

Muscles/Mass building Trainers design workout and intake of clients to help reduce fat and gain the required calories at required time.

They provide proper nutrition intake guidance, because over or under intake both can provide a major harm to your body.

They guide about the weights needed in every exercise and also the number of sets that should be completed.

Why are there different types of personal trainers?

You cannot go to any type of personal trainer and achieve your goal. You should know the expertise you require to achieve your target.

A rehabilitation trainer will not be able to take place of a sports trainer because they both require totally different form of expertise.

Choosing the right trainer will be making all the difference in your future goals.

So be sure to pick the correct type of personal trainer, and make the most of it.

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