Workout plan for beginners (Smart & Easy)

When learning how to drive, no one jumps directly into a Formula 1 car, be sure to do the same with your workout.

First some basic explanations are provided like the pedals, mirrors adjustment and proper seat position.

Just like that jumping directly towards the gym and picking up the bulkiest weights is never a good option.

So we are here to guide you about some basics of working out.

Being a beginner, how long should a workout last?

The first and most important step towards a start is to create a goal.

Don’t plan a 20 year routine altogether, but a simple 20 minutes session for a day would be an excellent start.

Don’t workout everyday when you’re just starting, Workout 20-30 minutes and take a 48 hours break. Monday-Wednesday-Friday sessions would be a perfect shot.

New starter or even a person starting over after a major break from fitness in life. Starting from small steps will take you a lot further in life.

Start working out at your home first, no need to run to the gym on the first day and be all exhausted.

Use household fitness equipment like the Treadmill, jump rope, resistance bands or get a small and cheap kit like the one Body Gym offers.

Benefits of working out?

Obviously the main benefit is the improvement you will start to notice in your physical health.

Workout will surely reduce chances of chronic diseases as long as you maintain it in your daily life.

Your mental health also enjoys a physical workout, it reduces stress and anxiety and provides a higher self-esteem.

People having insomnia can surely benefit from workout as it provides great improvement in your sleep quality.

So make sure you start taking small steps and eventually make workout your hobby to be fit and smart.

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